Program Overview

Principal Thorndike

Overview Intro

  • Manchester Regional Academy is a small, highly-structured secondary school for at-risk students, and students who require highly individualized instruction. Approximately 75 high school and middle school students attend MRA, coming from Manchester as well as surrounding districts from the Greater Hartford area. Success at MRA begins with a very sturdy program structure that includes well-defined policies and expectations, a behavior management program, and highly trained educators who understand the critical importance of consistency and  firm expectations.

    Additionally, MRA offers an array of supports to students, including a highly-skilled counseling component,adventure-based learning opportunities, crisis intervention specialists, and most important, a variety of opportunities for students to develop strong connections to the school community and to take ownership for their growth and learning.

    And finally, MRA offers a breadth of academic learning opportunities in carefully designed classrooms with student-teacher ratios of approximately 8 to 1. This small ratio allows usto individualize instruction and to respond appropriately to the unique learning needs of each student. Some of the programs at MRA include our Academic ProgramCounseling ServicesVocational Program, Transitional ProgramSports Program.

The Referral Process

  • Students may be referred to MRA by schools, agencies, parents or guardians. However, the placement decision must be made by a Planning and Placement Team (PPT).

    The steps in the referral process are:

    • Pertinent school records sent to MRA by the Local Education Agency (LEA)
    • A parent, student and school representative visit MRA for a tour and intake conference
    • The Local Education Agency (LEA), MRA and the student's family mutually agree on the placement
    • Students are enrolled on a space-available basis