Transition Program


  • MRA staff work with students to explore career interests and formulate workable post-secondary plans in coordination with area services, job sites, and post secondary educational programs. Some students access the nearby Manchester Community College to pursue college credit as they earn credit toward their high school diploma. Work-study options are available for some, as well as on-the-job training. Specialists assist students and parents in navigating post-secondary services with state and local agencies.  

What we do

  •  Mrs. Toner has her students involved in work study programs

    Work Study

    Students visit Porter and Chester

    PC1  PC2  PC3

    Students visit Lincoln Tech

    LT1  LT2

    Students deliver the goods collected from a food drive that was orchestrated at MRA throughout the holiday season

    Food Drive

    Opportunities for students to have real world work experiences


  • Students participate in the Manchester Community College job fair.

    MCC Trip

    MCC Trip  MCC Trip

    MCC Trip  MCC Trip



  • Severance Foods invited students to spend the day in the potato chip factory.

    Chip Factory  Chip Factory

    Chip Factory  Chip Factory