Buckley Parent and Community Committee

  • Purpose of the Group

    The purpose of the B-PACC is to be a formal voice of the parent community as well as the broader community for Buckley Elementary School. A key goal of the group is to promote productive dialogue among parents, staff, administration, and the community. The group serves as advocates for student needs and parents’ voice. The group assists school staff and leadership in establishing priorities to inform school policy and initiatives. The group comprises parents, teachers, and administration from Buckley.



    • Matt Daly - Principal
    • Tracy Clarke- Assistant Principal
    • Amanda Tierinni - Teacher
    • Trisha Bourcier - Teacher
    • Sean Webster - Coordinator Family Resource Center
    • Parents
      • Danielle DeRosa
      • Liz D'Auria
      • Evelyn Kissi
      • Neal Benson
      • Nick Cronin
      • Brenda Maloney
      • Julie Steffenson
      • Lee Taylor
      • Andrew Fotta
      • Susie Hansley

Meeting Dates

  • 2019-2020 School Year
    • Sept 18th
    • Oct 16th
    • Nov 20th
    • Dec 18th
    • Jan 15th
    • Feb 19th
    • March 18th
    • April 22nd
    • May 20th
    • June 10th.  

    All meetings will occur from 6:30-8:00 in the Library Media Center.