• School Climate

    Our three school rules, be safe, be responsible, be respectful are based upon PBIS. (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports) PBIS is a proactive systems approach for creating and maintaining safe and effective learning environment in schools. Our emphasis is upon teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors at school. Our behavior matrix outlines safe, responsible, and respectful behavior expectations throughout the school.

    All staff members are encouraged to award Bowers Positive Power Points to recognize students who are displaying respectful, responsible, and safe behavior. Every time students accumulate 25 positive power points, they receive a recognition certificate, their name is announced over the public address system and Dr. Ruggiero visits their classroom to have them pick a prize. Additionally, when students accumulate 100 points, their picture is taken for our Wall of Fame and they visit the principal's office to receive a special prize.

  • We've Got the Power at Bowers!

    With the guidance of singer/songwriter Les Julian, the students of Bowers Elementary School created the lyrics to our school song, "We've Got the Power at Bowers!"  The lyrics of the song were created by students representatives from all grade levels during several song writing sessions throughout the spring of 2006.

    Children learn best when they are actively involved and emotionally connected to their learning. Les Julian's song writing sessions were an easy way for students at Bowers to demonstrate our three school wide behavior expectations:

    Be saferespectful, and responsible.

    Eight months later, on January 4, 2007, our school auditorium became a recording studio! With Les as our musical key, the power at Bowers was unlocked and the students sang out - "We've got the power at Bowers, a power that is big a strong! Every minute every hour it's the power to all get along!"

  • We've Got the Power at Bowers

    We've got the power at Bowers, a power that is big and strong
    Every minute every hour, it's the power to all get along
    Someone likes what you're wearing and tells you so
    That's something to appreciate
    When they care about your feeling they show respect
    How's that make you feel? Great!
    Helping one another is really fine
    Everyone wins everyone shines
    If you wanna be cool-it's really cool to be kind


    When we're out playing kickball at recess time
    On our teams we collaborate
    We score more runs, you know, have more fun, you know
    When we cooperate
    When we partner up it's more fun tryin'
    In history, art, math and science
    The whole school's humming, we're becomin' social giants


    We get along in hall
    Cafeteria, too
    In the classrooms, in the gym
    It's our school, our world, it's what we do!
    We've got the power at Bowers,
    a power that is big and strong
    Every minute every hour,
    it's the power to all get along