• Academies

    All students in grades 10-12 are assigned to an academy. 

    The goal of the academies is to allow students to pursue areas of interest while also making the high school feel smaller. The academies are:

    • Medical Careers Academy (MCA)
    • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Design Academy (STEM-D)
    • Education and Public Service Academy (EPSA)
    • Performing Arts and Communications Academy (PAC)
    • Global Studies Academy (GSA)

    Mr. Owen Carroll and Mr. Josh Steffenson oversee the Medical Careers Academy (MCA) and the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Design Academy (STEM-D)

    Ms. Lisa Young oversees the Education and Public Service Academy (EPSA)

    Ms. Idelisa Torres oversees the Performing Arts and Communications Academy (PAC). 

    Ms. Linda Iacobellis oversees the Global Studies Academy, which incorporates the Truth Academy, SILK (Student in Love with the Kitchen), Entrepreneurship and World Languages. She will also be overseeing school climate initiatives.

    Freshman Center

    Mr. Roy Roberts is responsible for the students in grade 9 and the Freshmen Center. Mr. Roberts also serves as our varsity football coach. All grade 9 students are teamed. We have created five teams which we believe will allow for increased rigor in classrooms, additional opportunities for students to make connections across disciplines and improved communication with parents and families.

    Bentley Academy

    Mrs. Jill Tallberg oversees all aspects of Bentley Academy.