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Information Systems

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Kerri Kearney
Supervisor of Instructional Technology

Carla Goolsby

Michael Schienda
Network Administrator

Carlos Amaral
System Administrator

Leronte Cannady
System Administrator

Justin Firth
System Administrator

Ryan Gohla
System Administrator

James Guckin
System Administrator

Paul Lukas
System Administrator

Jon Mitchell
System Administrator

Javier Tarrats
System Administrator

Student Data Privacy

On October 1, 2016, CT Public Act 16-189 went into effect to further protect student data.  

While the Manchester Public Schools collect and use student data to support students in many ways, sometimes the information about your student is not stored on our local servers. When student information is stored by a company, that company creates legal documents that show how they protect the information according to existing laws (like FERPA).  This new law requires additional protections that are not typically part of these contracts (for instance that any legal action takes place under CT jurisdiction).

CT PA 16-189

We have linked to our current contracts with vendors as well as any other privacy documents that are valid until such time as the vendor changes their terms or Manchester Public Schools renew our licenses (this usually occurs yearly in the summer). We will be working with the following vendors to get new contracts that meet the PA16-189 requirements in the coming months, and we will link to the new contracts as they are signed.

Lastly, there may be other online programs that teachers/schools may want to use with students.  In order for a teacher to create/sign up for an account for your student, you will need to sign a permission slip as we do not currently have a contract with that company.  Please note this only applies to sites that require a student to sign in.

Please click here for a list of our current contracts.

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