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One of the key central office capacities, the Talent Management function improves student achievement by increasing teacher and leader quality and using both data and research to inform program strategies. Talent Management is a strong lever for increasing student achievement through intentional adult practices involving Recruitment, Retention, Evaluation & Feedback, Professional Learning, Performance Management, and Data Collection/Management/Analysis.

Work at MPS

Scope of Services

Recruitment and University Partnerships: PK- 12 screening and hiring practices of certified staff driven by an analysis of current MUNIS data on our educational workforce. Talent gaps identified will drive recruitment efforts at both in- and out-of-state opportunities. Branding and marketing opportunities to broaden the presence of MPS in the larger community.

Retention: Strategic efforts to provide career advancement opportunities to certified staff.

Evaluation & Feedback: Systemic opportunities to provide feedback and support (inclusive of Learning Walks) on identified strength and growth areas; developing a standard of performance that is inclusive of best practices, in the four domains of planning/preparation, instruction, climate and professionalism.

Professional Learning: Particularly new faculty career development in the first three years of teaching in an expanded TEAM program; professional development that fosters growth in collaborative practices, time management, mindset, and maintaining high expectations of all students.

Data Collection/Management/Analysis: Decision-making regarding all aspects of the program through the analysis of Applitrack, MUNIS, Protraxx, Employee feedback data.

Performance Management: Administrative response to certified staff concerns, requiring investigation, resolution, and remediation. Performance-Based Incentives: district-wide ON TARGET recognition program devised to acknowledge both certified and non-certified staff for espousing the core beliefs of Collaboration, Creativity,  Courage, and Excellence.