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Enrichment Gifted & Talented


enrichment Because learning is what you make of it


Enrichment/Gifted Talented Identification


The mission of the Manchester Public Schools Enrichment Department is to ensure that all children have access to enriching instruction based on their individualized needs and  aligned to standards.


By supporting all educators with the design of lesson plans, units and personalized learning opportunities, every child’s educational journey will be enriching, engaging and catered to their interests. Every child’s experience will include problem-solving, critical and creative learning opportunities that will prepare them to be contributing members of society.  

The Manchester Public schools provide enrichment opportunities embedded within the K-8 curriculum. All students have access to an education that engaging, motivating and personalized through experiences that promote creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.

The Enrichment Teachers have various models of instruction to reach every learner grades 5-8. In some instances they will push into a classroom, co-teaching with a teacher and in other instances, they will pull groups of students for interest-based activities that could include: designing their own break outbox, coding, and research. Through the enrichment model, multiple educators are able to view students through a variety of lens and seek students that may be identified as gifted or talented.

We use a comprehensive process to find and identify our students that demonstrating behaviors of giftedness. A team of educators examine academic performance over time, observe student behavior, we seek teacher recommendation and administer an assessment to all grade 4 students. The Naglieri is administered in the Fall of Grade 4, on the computer. The assessment examines students ability to solve puzzles, a variety of nonverbal questions. For a complete understanding of our Gifted and Talented Identification Process please see the attached link.

MPS Gifted and Talented Overview

MPS Gifted and Talented Identification Flowchart

 What is the Naglieri?