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Science K-12

At it's core scientists ask questions about the world and seek out answers to these questions.  Engineers identify problems in the world around them and seek solutions to these problems under identified constraints and criteria for success.  The mission of Manchester Public Schools is to develop both a scientific and engineering mindset in students so that they are best prepared to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Scope & Sequence K-8

Skills and procedures learned through science are essential to our every day lives.
The scope and sequence for each grade aligns to Next Generation Science Standards and to developing student’s skills around science and engineering practices.  For a specific grade level scope and sequence please feel free to reach out to either Pari or Josh


Science - Grades 9-12

MHS Course Offerings and Descriptions

The MHS science department’s goal is to prepare students for a future in which science and technology will continue to play an increasing and integral role in the lives of individuals and society. We will work hard to develop these students as science thinkers by developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By implementing a comprehensive Next Generation Science Curriculum that includes inquiry-based, hands-on learning, we hope to give students the skills to continue growing as a scientifically literate citizen. Whether entering a profession in the science field or not, the skills acquired within courses in the science department will transfer and help to make students successful in any path they choose.

In this department courses primarily emphasize these capacities from our Vision of a Graduate:

  • Critical Thinking: Analyze and evaluate ideas, claims, and/or representations to construct meaning
  • Self-Direction and Task Management: Complete task(s) through the development of timeline and plan, monitor progress
  • through a feedback loop to meet designated timelines
  • Communication: Express ideas and share information to effectively engage an audience for a given purpose and task