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Mathematics K-12

Mathematics - Grades K-12

Mathematics is one of the subjects at the core of our students' every day learning. Counting, comparing, place value, adding, subtracting, multiplication and division are some of the basic fundamental skills taught. Our instructional framework for mathematics helps to guide this instruction. 

Scope & Sequence Grades K-8

Skills within mathematics are essential to our everyday lives. The emphasis in grades K-8 is around building a community of mathematicians, helping students to understand Math’s place within the world and in their lives, and building student’s confidence around their own capacity as mathematicians.  The scope and sequence in grades K-8 aligns to Common Core standards.  For specific grade level scope and sequence please feel free to reach out to Pari or Josh.

Math Workshop K-4

Math workshop is a format used in the classrooms to teach math both whole group and small group. Click here to learn more about Math Workshop and the "workshop" model.

Mathematics Grades 5-8 & Placement Process

At the end of grades 5, 6 and 7, students are placed in their math courses for the following year. We have carefully developed criteria for student enrollment in our district’s middle school math courses.  This placement is based on the student's performance on standardized and nonstandardized assessments, i.e., the Orleans-Hanna Algebra Prognosis Math Test, classroom unit assessments, and benchmark/diagnostic assessments, as well as teacher recommendation.

Each grade level has several placement options:

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 6 Math

Grade 7 Math

Grade 8 Math

Grade 6 Advanced  Math

Grade 7 Pre-Algebra

Grade 8 Algebra

Grade 6 Pre-Algebra

Grade 7 Algebra  

Grade 8 Advanced Geometry


Math Placement Process

Mathematics Grades 9-12

MHS Course Offerings and descriptions

It is our goal in the MHS math department to educate students so that they are able to:

  • Understand and apply mathematical concepts
  • Develop logical thinking and organizational skills
  • Apply strategies to investigate, evaluate, and solve a variety of problems
  • Formulate definitions and express generalizations discovered through inquiry
  • Use and value the connections between mathematics and other disciplines
  • Build mathematical literacy to become educated consumers and prepare for future math studies
  • Develop a foundation for postgraduate study in related fields
  • Use appropriate tools of inquiry including graphing calculators and computer programs

 In this department, courses primarily emphasize these capacities from our Vision of a Graduate:

  • Problem Solving: Define problems and work through processes to determine solutions, draw conclusions, evaluate the reasonableness of solutions, and/or have a better understanding of problems.
  • Critical Thinking: Analyze and evaluate ideas, claims, and/or representations to construct meaning

 Successful completion of Algebra I and Geometry in middle school may be noted on the student’s official MHS transcript. All students must, however, meet the graduation requirement of a minimum of three courses in mathematics at MHS.