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Social Studies Grades 3 -12

At the heart of our society lives social studies - whether it's history, geography, civics or everything in between. Social studies helps us look at what has happened in our past, and how it's has played a part in shaping our current society and world. 

In grades 3-4, your child will take a look at different aspects of social studies using an inquiry based approach. 

Grade 3 Humanities Unit

In this inquiry based unit, students will discover how Manchester has developed and changed over time by generating research questions and creating a final artifact for "a living museum".Teachers will support students as the class creates an interactive timeline throughout the unit that illustrates how Manchester has changed over time.  A part of this unit includes a walking tour of Manchester.

Grade 4 Humanities Unit

In this unit of study, students will be engaged in learning about various regions across the United States. This unit personalizes student learning by allowing for choice, research and creative presentation styles. Teachers will be modeling both inquiry and research process using the Northeast Region. Students will be given the choice of a region to investigate and the format for which to demonstrate their learning. Students will be responsible for keeping a log which will include their research, and evidence. Students may present their learning through a beautification brochure, a tour guide experience using Google maps, a tourism commercial, a photo essay that describes the "beauty of this place", etc.

Overview of focus and themes for grades 5-8:

Grade 5 - Looking at Early American History - Scope & Sequence
Grade 6 - Interdisciplinary Humanities Units (Looking at World Regional Studies) - Scope & Sequence
Grade 7 - Looking at World Regional Studies - Scope & Sequence
Grade 8 - Looking at US History - Scope & Sequence

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Shardae Shipman
Director of Teaching & Learning - Humanities (Grades 5-12)

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Administrative Assistant to Directors of Teaching & Learning
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In grades 9-12, your child will look at the world today, and how it has been impacted by the events of the recent past.

Grade 9 - Roots of Civilization
Grade 10 - Modern World History
Grade 11 - Modern US History
Grade 12 - Civics (requirement), and electives offered in various other areas of social studies 

 Manchester History Day

Each year, Manchester High School hosts students, teachers and volunteers from throughout Greater Hartford and Eastern Connecticut for our annual Manchester History Day contest.  Our Manchester contest is the first step for students participating in the National History Day program, an opportunity for students to explore connections between the past and present through engaging in primary research, serving as a qualifier for the Connecticut History Day state contest.  All juniors at Manchester High School participate in this self-guided inquiry-based research experience by completing a History Day project in their US History or American Studies course.     Location: Manchester High School, 134 East Middle Tpke. Manchester, CT Date: TBD