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English Language Arts Grades 5-12

English Language Arts (ELA) is at the core of our students' every day learning. Reading, writing, speaking & listening are some of the basic fundamental skills taught throughout grades 5 to 12. Our instructional framework for literacy helps to guide this instruction.

In Manchester, we have implemented the "workshop" model for reading and writing. What is readers and writers workshop?

Scope & Sequence

Skills within reading and writing are essential to our every day lives. 

Below is each grade level's scope & sequence. This description sheds light on what your child is doing in both reading and writing at each grade level.

Independent Reading at School & Home (Grades K-8)

District Reading Specialists & Reading Consultants

Grades 5-8

  • Sharon Rose - Bennet Academy
  • Christine Benoit - Bennet Academy
  • Dorothy Burns - Bennet Academy
  • Angela Conte - Bennet Academy
  • Beth Sweet - Illing Middle
  • Julie Moriarty - Illing Middle
  • Selah Nobles-Woodard - MMA