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Policy Number Policy Description  
Important COVID-19 Policy: Temporary Additions and Revisions Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic
1121 -Communication with the public and media
-Responsibilities of Board Members and School Personnel
1140 -Distribution of Materials
1150.1 -Accreditation/Assessments
1220 -Public participation in board of education meetings
1300 -Policy on Visitors
1330 -Community use of School Facilities
1400 -Parent/Family Involvement Policy

-School Volunteers

-1401 Forms Here

1500 -Pool Safety Plan
1501 -Prohibition Against Smoking
1502 -Administrative Regulations Regarding Sexual Offenders
1503 -Non-Discrimination
1504 -Possession of Deadly Weapons or Firearms
1505 -School Security and Safety
1506 -Green Cleaning
2001 -Retention of Electronic Records and Information
3000 -Business and Non-instructional Operations
3100 -Air Quality
3110 -Budget
3160 -Transfer of Funds Between Categories and End of the Year Closeout
3170 -Board of Education Issued Credit Card
3240 -Tuition Fees
3260 -Sales and Disposal of Obsolete books, Equipment and Supplies
-Sales and Rentals of Property
3260.1 -Disposition of Obsolete Books
3270 -Closing a School
3280 -Gifts, Grants and Bequests
3510 -Facilities Maintenance
3511 -Educational Technology Maintenance
3516 -Safety
3524.2 -Hazardous Material in Schools
3541 -Transportation
3542 -Advertising
3543 -Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Fiscal Compliance
3544 -School Activity Funds
4000 -Employment and Student Teacher Checks
4009 -Privacy of Social Security Numbers
4010 -Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action
4012 -Section 504
4013 -Prohibition of Sex Discrimination in the Workplace
4025 -Use of Social Networking/Media
4111 -Hiring of the Superintendent, Principals and Other Senior Staff; Appointment of Interview or Screening Committees
4013 -Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination in the Workplace
4114 -Non-Discrimination
4114.1 -Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Plan
4118 -Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug-Free Workplace
4120 -Wearing of Photo Identification Badges
4132 -Professional Development Policy
4150 -Athletic Coaches
4234 -Injury
4235 -Increasing Educator Diversity
4301 -Prohibition on Recommendations for Psychotropic Drugs
4302 -Violence in the Workplace
4303 -Professional Responsibility - Conflict of Interest
4304 -Reports of Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Children or Sexual Assault of Students by School Employees
4305 -Reports of Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Adults with an Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder
4306 -Administrative Regulations Regarding Concussion Mgmt. and Trng. for Athletic Coach
4307 -Employee Use of the District's Computer Systems and Electronic Communication
4308 -Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness for Intramural & Interscholastic Athletes
4309 -Family and Medical Leave
4310 -Educational stability procedures for transportation coordination with the department of children and families
5005 -Management Plan and Guidelines for Students with Food Allergies, Glycogen Storage Disease and/or Diabetes
5012 -Students and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
5013 -Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
5014 -Non Discrimination 
5015 -Students Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Youth
5110 -Attendance Policy for Students
5112.4 -Disenrollment
5117 -Racial Balance in The Manchester Public Schools
5118 -School Enrollment
5118.1 -Homeless Students
5119 -Student Transfer Policy
5120 -Promotion, Retention, Acceleration
5121 -Wearing of Photo Identification Badges
5125 -Student Records
5125.1 -Emergency Card Information
5125.5 -Confidentiality and Access to Student Records
5127.11 -Extended Learning Opportunities
5127.12 -Credit for Online Courses
5130.1 -Collections, Drives, Contests and Distribution of Flyers
5131.1 -Bullying
5131.111a -Video Surveillance
5131.6 -Smoking Policy
5131.81 -Electronic Communication Device
5135 -Student Activity Funds
5138 -Married/Pregnant Students
5141.1 -Accidents
5141.27 -Automatic External Defibrillator
5141.3 -Health Examinations/Assessments and Immunizations
5141.4 -School Wellness Policy
5141.5 -Suicide Prevention
5141.6 -Crisis Response
5142 -Administration of Medication By School Personnel
5142.2 -Child Sexual Abuse and Assault Policy and Reporting Procedure
5143 -Healthy Beverages In Schools
5143.1 -Accommodating Students With Special Dietary Needs
5143.2 -School Lunch Accounts
5144 -Discipline Policy
5145.2 -Search and Seizure
5146 -Student Privacy
5147 -Student Representatives on the BOE 
5148 -Regarding Student Use of The District's Computer Systems and Internet Safety
5148.1 -Student Use of District Computer Systems
5149 -Physical Restraint and Seclusion of Students
5150 -Dress Code
5157 -Recess & Play-Based Learning
5164 -Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
5165 -Chemical Health / Students
5166 -Policy to Improve Completion Rates of FAFSA
6010 -Opening Exercises, Pledge to the Flag, Silent Meditation, School Flag
6111 -School Calendar
6114 -Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness
6115 -Religious Observances and School Prayer
6120 -Mission of the Manchester Board of Education
6125 -Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - Alternative Assessments for Students with Disabilities for Statewide and District-wide Assessments
6127 -High School Graduation Requirements
6140 -Curriculum
6141.2 -Religious and Cultural Recognition
6141.3 -Migrant Students
6141.521 -Internet Safety
6144.1 -Exemption from Instruction
6144.2 -Students - Homebound Instruction
6145.2 -Interscholastic Athletics
6145.3 -Publications
6146.1 -Grading System
6151 -Class Size Policy
6153 -Field trips and Excursions
6154 -Student Projects and Student Enrichment Activities - Financial Support
6155 -Homework Policy (Enrichment and Reinforcement of Learning)
6161 -Selection of Instructional Materials
6161.3 -Comparability of Programs
6161.4 -Curricular use of "R" rated films/videos for grades 9-12
6164.12 -Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
6164.2 -Parental Exclusion of Students from Family Life Portion of Curriculum
6172.4 -Title 1 Parent Involvement
6174 -Summer Education Program Policy
6180 -Evaluation of the Instructional Program
6190 -Recruiters Access to School Facilities; Access to Student Directory Information
6212 -Objectives of the Instructional Program
6212a -Instruction - Adult/Continuing Education
6213 -Use of Therapy Dogs in Schools
6214 -Animals in Schools
6215 -Individuals with Disabilities Act - Alternative Assessments for Students with Disabilities for Statewide & District-wide Assessments
6216 -Advanced Course or Program Challenging Curriculum
6217 -Parental Access to instructional Material
8001 -Board Policies, Duties of the Superintendent
8002 -Equity Policy
8250 -Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees
8400 -Acceptable use of Electronic Mail Communication
9000 -Functions of the Board of Education\Use of Board of Education Issued iPad Tablets

The information contained on these pages is presented for use by the public for general informational purposes only. The Board of Education makes every effort to keep all information up-to-date. However, you should not rely on the information presented as being current.