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    Human Resources & Talent Development

    Manchester has over 680 dedicated teachers, and 6,300 engaged learners.  We are a district dedicated to equity, restorative practices, and whole-student success.  We have a robust special education program, ELL, and family engagement services.  We also have professional development and tuition reimbursement opportunities.

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From the Superintendent

  • We understand that the past months have been an especially trying time due to the effects of the pandemic which has caused anxiety and grief as a result of the loss of family members and friends that many in our school community experienced. We also know that the extreme racial violence across the country has caused stress and trauma to our school community members of color. As we return in the fall we are committed to a reopening that emphasizes community building, healing, social emotional learning, improved mental and physical health, and actual time to pause and reflect regularly. We will plan for appropriate time and space for regular learning and reflection on race and equity throughout the year. Finally, we will ensure parents, students, and staff continue to work as partners.

    Matt Geary,

Teacher of the Year

  • Christina KupecChristina (Nikki) Kupec - Nikki simply strives for excellence with all of her learners. Do you know that one teacher you had that believed in you, treated you like you were one of "those" gifted students (even if others said/showed something different)? Nikki Kupec is THAT teacher. 

    She holds her learners to standards and respects them. Not willing to accept mediocre effort, Nikki will push a learner to work and feel proud of themselves afterward.

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