• Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

    Ozzy Meet Ozzy, Our Buckley Bobcat!

    Please meet Ozzy, our Buckley Bobcat mascot. He is a major factor to our school! We would like to thank our PTA who purchased our Ozzy costume. Ozzy is a regular participant at our monthly PBIS Pep Rallies and other special school events. Our students are quite fond of him and he brings much energy and enthusiasm to our Pep Rallies and other events that we hold throughout the school year.
    Next time you see Ozzy, make sure to say Hi!





    Buckley’s Behavior School Wide Support System!

    Buckley School has a school-wide behavior system with a common set of rules and expectations for a variety of settings in the school.  This system is called Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS).  Expectations are taught explicitly by all staff with specially designed lesson plans to each area such as the classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, bathrooms and the bus (please see the matrix listed below)  Our PBIS and lessons focus on three areas: safe, respectful and responsible.  These lessons show what it looks like to be safe, responsible and respectful in each area. 

    These behaviors are reinforced and students are recognized for their positive behaviors by all staff.  We review behaviors periodically during the school year through collection of data and, our decision making specific to re-teaching is based on the data.

    The goal of PBIS is to improve student performance and increase teacher instructional time by providing explicit and consistent instructions on appropriate behavior.  Moreover, all staff uses the same common PBIS language and expectations.  As indicated above, three (3) school-wide behavioral expectations have been identified for all areas of our school and they are:

    • Safe
    • Respectful
    • Responsible

    Students are explicitly taught these expectations and are recognized for exhibiting these positive behaviors.

    Here are examples of expected behaviors for the Buckley School Cafeteria and ways that students can demonstrate that they know how to Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.

    Be Safe  

    • Walk at all times.
    • Keep hands feet and objects to self.
    • Remain seated.

    Be Respectful

    • Use indoor voices.
    • Use kind words.
    • Use good manners.
    • Follow adult directions.

    Be Responsible

    • Keep your place in line.
    • Keep your area clean.
    • Raise your hand if you need help.

    During the first week of school, we gather students at each grade level and use specific lesson plans to teach the expected behaviors for each common area (cafeteria, bathroom, hallway, bus waiting area, bus, and playground).  Student volunteers are called upon to demonstrate and model the expected behaviors.  Staff demonstrate those behaviors that the students should not display.  A teaching matrix has been developed and is included in the Parent Handbook for parents to review with their children.  We have also attached the matrix to the website as well. As always, we welcome parent feedback regarding our implementation of PBIS.

    Lastly, we celebrate our students who have been identified as being safe, respectful and responsible at our monthly PBIS Pep Rallies.  These students are called to the front of the entire school where they are recognized for achievement and are awarded a certificate as well as a pencil and they have their picture taken with Ozzy our Buckley Bobcat!  There picture is then displayed in our school on our PBIS wall!