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Waddell Elementary School
at Cheney Building in Bennet Academy

Arrival/Dismissal Procedure 

Dear Waddell Families,

As you know, we are spending this academic year of 2017-2018 in the Cheney Building at Bennet Academy.  With this new venue comes a new pick-up and drop-off procedure.  We continue to focus our collective efforts in providing a safe and secure school environment for students, staff, and families. There are approximately 340 students in our school who all arrive and leave at the same time each day. The following safety precautions have been developed to ensure safety for all our students, staff and families. Please refer to the maps included in this packet for reference.

Please note, we are strongly discouraging parent pick-up and drop-off unless absolutely necessary.  Busing has been made available for all families and is the preferred method of transportation.  There is very limited parking available.

Arrival occurs from 8:45 – 9:05 am.  The first bell rings at 8:55 and school begins at 9:05 am.

Arrival By Bus (Preferred)

  • Beginning at 8:45 am, all buses unload students on School Street.
  • There are staff members on duty to greet the students and direct/escort the students to the cafeteria.

Arrival By Car 

 * * Cars cannot be parked on or drive through School Street – this street is approved for buses only as a through-way* *

  • Beginning at 8:45 am, cars may drop-off students at school.  Prior to that time, there is no supervision of students. 
  • Parents may drop off students in one of two ways:

Park and Walk or Kiss and Go

Park and Walk Expectations

  • Legally park in available parking spots in one of the three parking lots at Bennet as indicated in the attached diagram.  There is also parking available on Main Street and Wells Street.
  • Students should be escorted to the front of the Bennet building, where staff will be receiving students to escort to the cafeteria.  Parents who need to access the building should walk their child to the staff in front of Bennet on their way to the Cheney main entrance on School Street to be buzzed in by the Waddell office staff.  This allows the staff to bring students to the cafeteria for supervision, as there is no supervision in the Cheney building until 8:55.

Kiss and Go Expectations

  • Vehicles need to follow the traffic pattern and stay in line as they enter the front loop in front of Bennet from Main Street.  Passing another vehicle is prohibited. 
  • Once you are in the drop-off line and stopped, the child should be unbuckled and ready to exit vehicle.
  • Students independently open the vehicle door, exit and close the vehicle door from the passenger side of the vehicle only.
  • Children should walk along the designated area and enter the building through the designated entrance.
  • Staff members will monitor and direct children away from vehicles and into the building. 
  • All other occupants of the vehicle should remain in the vehicle.
  • Vehicles need to pull forward to use the entire loading zone so that multiple cars can drop-off at the same time.
  • Vehicles should pull away from the curb when the car in front of them leaves and proceed to exit by turning left on School Street, towards Main Street.  Turning right on School Street is prohibited.  This is for buses only.
  • We ask that parents of students who need assistance exiting the vehicle or who need to exit on the driver’s side of the vehicle use the Park and Walk method.

Late Arrival (after 9:05 am)
Students who arrive to school after the 9:05 am bell must be signed in at the main office by a parent/guardian. The student will be given a tardy pass and directed to their classroom.

Please see the attached Arrival map below for a visual representation.

School ends and dismissal begins at 3:25 pm.     

 Older siblings will be dismissed to go to the youngest sibling’s classroom prior to the end of the day and will follow the dismissal procedures for the youngest sibling’s grade level.

  • At 3:20, after school programming will be dismissed to MELC staff and escorted to the gym
  • At 3:23,
    • K-2 bus students will be dismissed to the bus line classrooms
    • K-2 pick-up students will be escorted to the student pick-up location, on the green grass play space to the left of Waddell (Cheney building).
  • At 3:25, grades 3 – 5 bus students will be dismissed to the bus line classrooms.
  • At 3:28, grades 3 – 5 pick-up students will be escorted to the student pick-up location, on the green grass play space to the left of Waddell (Cheney building).

·Please see the Dismissal map below for a visual representation.

Thank you for the partnership we share
in promoting a safe learning community
for everyone at Waddell Elementary School.

Morning Arrival:

Buses will be utilizing School Street via Main Street to drop students off at the front entrance of Waddell (Cheney Building).  Staff members will be waiting for students on the Bennet Academy side of the road to escort them to the cafeteria through the yellow starred door entry.

For parents dropping students off and not exiting the vehicle, drop off will occur at the front of Bennet Academy.  Enter Wells Street via Main Street and take the first left in front of the school.  Staff will be waiting to receive students.  Cars will briefly stop and students will get themselves out of the car and exit on the passenger side, where the staff and sidewalk are.  Staff will monitor/escort students to the green starred door entry where they will then go to the cafeteria.

For parents dropping students off that need to exit the vehicle to unbuckle students, go inside, etc., please legally park in the parking lots where spaces are available.  There is also parking available on Main Street or Wells Street.  Please do not park on School Street.  This street should remain clear for buses and is not a through street for non-bus traffic.

Afternoon Dismissal:

Buses will be utilizing School Street, entering from Spruce Street and driving towards Main Street, to pick-up students.  They will stop in front of Waddell to load the buses.

For parents picking students up, students will be lined up with their classroom teachers at the grassy play space between the Fire House Building and Waddell School (Cheney Site).  You will need to legally park in a parking lot, on Main Street, or on Wells Street and walk to this area to pick up your children from their classroom teacher.  Please do not park on School Street.  This street should remain clear for buses and is not a through street for non-bus traffic.




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